10 Different Types of Fruit That Starts With Z

Fruit That Starts With Z – there are so many different types of fruit that you eat everyday and most of these are easy to name.

Being the last letter, ‘Z’ has a unique representation. And it can be very challenging to find fruits that start with this letter. If you are looking for fruits that start with the letter ‘Z’, we got you!

We’ve put a great list together for you, along with a description of the fruit and a photo where we can source one.

Have a look at our list of different fruits that start with the letter Z!


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1. Zhe Fruit

Zhe fruit is very popular in China. Zhe fruit goes by many different names such as Chinese mulberry, mandarin melon berry and cudrang. Often comparisons are drawn between zhe fruit and mulberry. Red in color, zhe fruit looks like a raspberry. It has a smooth texture and a sweet taste somewhat like a watermelon. However, the taste can vary as per the fruit’s maturity level. Because of the fresh and juicy texture, it’s best to eat zhe fruit straight. This fruit is a good ingredient for salads, ice cream toppings and smoothies.


2. Zante Currant

Zante currant is a type of raisin. It is also called Corinth raisin, because they were grown in Corinth, a place in ancient Greece. Sometimes just referred as currants, it is the oldest raisin around and been here for many centuries. Zante currant is popular among the bakers and used quite frequently by them. At bakeries zante currant is used in biscuits, scones and breads. Not only in bakery products, zante currant can be found in yoghurts and ice creams too. It is a common ingredient in the British cuisine.


  1. Zinfandel Grapes


Also known as primitivo, zinfandel is a type of grape. It comes in two colors: red and green. Red grapes color palette is red and purple whereas green is like any other common grape. It tastes like raspberry: add to it a hint of tart and spice. Grown extensively in California, it is commonly thought to have a North American origin, but this fact is wrong. Croatia is where Zinfandel’s origin lies. The main reason it is cultivated is because of the delicious wines which come out of it. It is just a perfect wine ingredient and quite commonly seen in the North American vineyards.. Winemakers usually concentrate on zinfandel wines to be fruitier and less sweet. Besides wine, many people prefer using Zinfandel grapes in desserts and ice creams as it adds a rich flavor to it.


fruit that starts with z

4. Zwetschge

Zwetschge is a European variety plum. Also called ‘the Italian prune’, it comes in two colors: red and purple. The taste of Zwetschge is heavenly because of its natural sweetness. Most people love including Zwetschge in their favorite baked goods. Zwetschge juice is also popular in Europe. Some of the top recipes of Zwetschge are Sündige Zwetschge, traditional German plum cake and zwetschge cake. You can find this egg-shaped plum in many Italian dishes and desserts. That’s why this fruit is popular as ‘Italian prune’.

5. Zarzamora

Zarzamora is a type of Spanish blackberry. Zarzamora is extremely juicy. Not very popular in the past, its popularity is increasing nowadays and you can find it at most of the places.  Zarzamora has a sweet and tartly taste to it making it a good dessert ingredient. Plus, you can make different things with dried zarzamora like salads, jams, tartines and pies. To get your daily blackberry fix, you can toss it in a fruit-packed smoothie. Zarzamora is a common topping ingredient of fizzy wine and tequila too.


6. Ziziphus Jujube Fruit

Ziziphus jujube is popularly known as the Chinese date. Not only the texture of an immature ziziphus is like an apple, it tastes like an apple too. Although the taste is sweet, there is a hint of tartness to it. Unripe ziziphus has a good taste but it is better to eat it ripe. However, you can eat ziziphus in different forms; fresh, dried, and fermented. Many people use this fruit for baking and cooking. Some people also use ziziphus in their teas. In fact, you can also use dried jujube to prepare sauces and vinegar. Ziziphus juice is a good alternative to apple juice. If you are looking for an alternative to apples, you can use fresh ziziphus jujube.

7. Zawngtah

Zawngtah resembles a pea pod. Also known as stink bean or bitter bean, it is not at all bitter and tastes quite good. It has small seeds that not only look like almonds but its flavor is similar to almonds too. You can make delicious dishes by adding shrimp, peppers, and garlic. Zawngtah is also eaten as a side dish. Zawngtah is frequently used as an ingredient to make pickles too.


8. Zebra Fruit

Zebra fruit made its first appearance in the 1980’s. Round in shape, zebra fruit belongs to the tomato family. Called zebra because of its zebra like pattern. Unlike the usual tomato which is red, in color, zebra fruit is green in color and just about 2 inches in size. It can be eaten raw or tossed in a salad. There are many delicious recipes like fried green tomatoes and BLT sandwiches in which one can enjoy the zebra fruit. It can be eaten raw as well. However, this fruit is quite spicy and tartish than traditional tomatoes and change the flavor of the dish. It isn’t good for tomato sauce and ketchup because of its tartish taste, zebra fruit cannot be used for sweet dishes and desserts either


9. Zucchini

Zucchini is a well known fruit but it won’t be wrong to say that because of its shape, color and appearance it is often confused with a cucumber. Though they both come from different families they both look alike: cylindrical and green in color. Zucchini is a shade darker from cucumber. Zuchinni’s exterior is bit harder. It is a pretty popular fruit but often confused with being a vegetable. High in water content it can be eaten raw or in pickled form. In raw form, taste is bland, but when pickled, it has a tangy taste. Zuchinni is used extensively in cooking word wide and is commonly found in lasagna and on pizza as toppings. However we recommend you try it in baked form; Chocolate chip zucchini bread is absolutely delicious.


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  1. Zig Zag Fruit


Zig zag, yes that is the name of a fruit! Called zig zag because of the zig zag arrangement of its branches. It is also known as wild banana because it smells like a ripe banana. However, they look like oranges; round and deep orange in color. The taste is best described as sweet and tangy, overall quite pleasant and enjoyable to eat. It is about a size of a cherry with one to four seeds. It is mostly found in Australia and Papua New Guinea. zig zag’s flesh is edible. Zig zag is used to make tangy sauces, liqueurs and other gourmet dishes.




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For official definitions of the fruit you can also look at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


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