10 Different Types of Fruit That Starts With S

Fruit That Starts With S – there are so many different types of fruit that you eat everyday and most of these are easy to name.

I started making a list of 10 fruits that start with ‘S” but got stuck after 3 names. One would say it’s okay, I mean how many names of fruit start with S?  But if you know there are around 7500 types of fruits and you can recollect just 3 names, you know your calculation is out.

But what about the more unusual fruits?  Fruits that you have heard of but not tried?  Or fruits that come from a different part of the world that you haven’t even heard of?  We’ve put a great list together for you, along with a description of the fruit and a photo where we can source one.

Have a look at our list of different fruits that start with the letter S!


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Fruit That Starts With S


1. Sugar Palm

The country of origin of sugar palm is the Philippines. It is a tropical fruit. It can be easily found all over South East Asia and used as an ingredient in Africa and Southeast Asia. Oval in shape, it is primarily used as a substitute for sugar.

It has a mild caramel flavour, liked by some, some not too much. The inside of the fruit is jelly-like. There is sweet water inside which acts as a perfect coolant for the body in the summer months and can be a perfect summer drink.

It is used to make different types of desserts. Always pick this fruit fresh and try to eat it within 2 days, as it is an extremely perishable fruit.


fruit that starts with s


2. Strawberry Guava

Just about the size of a golf ball it is red in colour like strawberry.

They look a lot like purple-red pomegranates. The skin is smooth and chewy. The seeds are edible so they can be swallowed as a whole. The flavour is a bit sweet and a bit tangy.

Want to get the best flavour, eat it fresh. It can be added as toppings to ice cream.


fruit beginning with s


3. Strawberry

Everybody knows what a strawberry is. The red textured fruit with a green cap on the top. Popular, all across the world, strawberry is originally from Europe. Easily the most popular berry around. Data shows that it is the fifth most consumed fruit in the United States.

You know a strawberry is good and fresh if it is fruity, sweet and juicy. Smaller strawberries tend to have more flavour. It is highly perishable. Strawberry comes in 3 different varieties: Darselect, Elsanta and Coral strawberries.

Strawberry flavour is extremely popular among the masses. One can find strawberry flavour in jams, cakes, shakes etc. While buying a strawberry ensure they are red and firm and not too mushy.


fruit that starts with s


4. Sugar Apple fruit

Popularly known as custard apple as it has a custardy flavour. It is cultivated in the tropics. This fruit is pretty underrated fruit and does not enjoy much popularity among people, but with the nutrients in it and the unlimited benefits it offers, it can be called a super fruit.

Unfortunately for some, it might be deadly. These two back-back statements are pretty contradictory. No? How can a super fruit not be meant for everybody? But it’s true. It has a creamy white inner flesh. Its body resembles a cone and the outer skin of the sugar apple fruit is scaly.

The sugar apple is eaten fresh but some people like it chilled. It can be served in dessert or frequently used to make ice cream and shakes. This fruit can be eaten in salad also.


fruit that starts with the letter s


5. Santol

Also known as the cotton fruit, this fruit is mostly grown in tropical countries across Southeast Asia.

It thrives in arid and humid conditions. Its ripeness is determined by its colour. When it is fully ripe, its colour is yellowish-orange.

Different varieties of santol have different ratios of sour to sweet. Over ripened santol being extremely sweet is used to make syrups, candies and other sweet and tasty desserts.


fruit that starts with s


6. Spanish Lime

Also known as mamoncillo, this fruit is native to Northern South America. It is not wrong to say that the Spanish lime is a cousin to lime and lychee both! It looks like lime but tastes somewhat like lime and lychee.

Once you peel the green skin, a translucent yellowish-orange skin appears.

You are supposed to eat the fruit as a whole. One would say it is extremely juicy and acidic sweet in taste.


fruit beginning with s


7. Star Fruit

Star fruit is also known as carambola. It looks extremely beautiful and photogenic if cut at an angle.

It resembles a star when cut crosswise. One knows it is ripe when it changes its colour from green to yellow or orange depending on the variety. Large ones are sweeter in taste whereas smaller ones have a mild sour taste.

Its seeds are like apples and not to be consumed. It is a perfect addition to fruit salads. The fresh juice of a star fruit is extremely delicious. At informal gatherings and parties, one can cut it and slide it on the rim of a juice glass.


fruit that starts with s


8. Star Apple

Like star fruit, this fruit also resembles a star when it is cut in half. They are available in two colours: purple and green.

Once you peel the skin, it is delicate jelly-like and extremely sweet and juicy. This fruit originated in the Caribbean and is presently a pretty popular fruit in America and Latin America. The skin of the plant is inedible and one is not supposed to eat it as it may irritate your mouth and lips.

It is usually eaten fresh, it is absolutely delicious with yoghurt. It can be tossed into a salad with other fruits to add a tangy taste to the salad.


fruit that begins with the letter s


9. Soncoya

Also known as sincuya, this fruit’s taste can be best described as a perfect mix of a mango and a juicy banana.

When ripe, the fruit is extremely sweet. The smell is somewhat a mix of spicy, sweet and pungent. The fruit is round, its size being roughly around 15-20 cm. Its outer skin is textured and brown in colour. If you peel the outer skin, you will find the inner skin to be orange in colour.

The surface has hook-like projections. It is can be eaten raw or served in drink form.


fruit that starts with s


10. Salak

Also called the snake fruit and the memory fruit. Its outer skin is scaly, just like a snake’s skin, so we can say snake fruit is quite an appropriate name for it.

As soon you peel open the brown scally skin, you come across a cream-coloured inner skin.

One of the sweetest fruit, just like honey. It gives a tinge of pineapple and is juicy. It originated in Indonesia. It can be used to make pickles and juices.


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