10 Different Types of Fruit That Starts With V

Fruit That Starts With V – there are so many different types of fruit that you eat everyday and most of these are easy to name.

Searching for fruits beginning with the letter V? Randomly quizzing your brain to name a fruit that begins with V, but you couldn’t go any further than asking yourself if Vanilla is really a kind of fruit? Stress your brain no more as your quest ends here. Enjoy the treat of this delicious list of fruits starting with V and you can riddle your friends to make them ponder over vanilla too.

We’ve put a great list together for you, along with a description of the fruit and a photo where we can source one.

Have a look at our list of different fruits that start with the letter V!


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  • Vanilla Fruit

Yes, Vanilla is actually a fruit, if you are wondering. Derived from the Spanish root “Vaina” meaning “little pod”, Vanilla is true to its name being a black-colored fruit that grows into a long thin pod-like shape on an orchid plant.

It is one of the most expensive spices, second only to saffron owing to the efforts required to obtain it. Being the single edible fruit of the orchid family, the fresh beans have no scent, however, the distinct aroma is obtained only after enzyme activity. With early usage as flavoring chocolate milk, this spice is now famous worldwide.


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  • Velvet Apple

Velvet apple is an apple look-alike with a reddish-brown fine velvety skin with fur you’ll be able to distinguish once it is held in your hands. The insides are filled with soft, creamy, pink flesh having a kindred aroma similar to fruit cream cheese.

Tasting like a peach, the velvet apple is also popularly known as the peach blossom. Native to the Philippines, this fruit now finds itself with different names in tropical countries like Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka. This plant has an exceptional genetic variation resulting in the varying sizes, tastes, colors, and textures of the fruit.


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  • Velvet Tamarind

Velvet Tamarinds are particularly small, shaped like a teardrop, and are comparable to the size of grapes. With black colored inedible hard shell which needs to be removed, these tamarinds are flattened and their skin has a velvet feel- hence the name.

Their pulp is sweeter than that of normal tamarinds with the perfect balance of sourness, the color orange giving it a hint of tanginess. These are widely used in various snacks and flavoring beverages and are also enjoyed eaten raw.

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  • Valencia Orange

These are the sweetest and juiciest oranges containing lesser seeds and a luscious flavor, a hybrid created from a delicious orange fruit ‘Valencia’. It is popularly used in producing orange juices and mostly every orange juice you come across is in likelihood extracted from Valencia.

Not only does the fruit has a pleasant taste but the distinct pulp color is one of the reasons for its demand in the markets. Being the only variety of oranges in season during summers, these are prized worldwide.


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  • Valencia Pride Mango

Originally grown from the Haden mango seedling, this variety of mangoes is savored just as great as it is uncommon. Their sweet flavor and silky flesh, fragrant with honeyed scent make them the chef’s choice for delicacies. This mango is slenderly crescent-shaped with a rounded apex and bottom.

Accessible only for a few summer weeks these rare mangoes are the speediest growers and the tree makes for a good choice for garden cultivation with their wide-spreading shed.


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  • Voavanga Fruit

Voavanga is a species of flowering plant, that bears edible fruits. This fruit is native to Africa and grows into a darker green skin as it matures with orange to burnt orange insides. Voavanga is round with white spots on the skin. Known as the Spanish Tamarind it is not Spanish and tastes nothing like tamarind but burnt apples.

It is eaten once it is ripened and dried on the tree and is eaten regularly as it has many health benefits like being good for digestion and weight loss.


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  • Vaccarese Grape

Vaccarese grape is one of the rarest grapes found in France, contrasting such usual grape wines that are from Italy. The berries grow in a large, compact bunch, marble in shape with beautiful dark skin. These medium-sized berries have a mouth-watering aroma of floral and herbal tinge.

The vines tend to take longer to bud and are also subject to parasites, making their cultivation a careful process. These are explicitly used to make wine and are celebrated for the touch of attractiveness they give them. 


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  • Victoria Plum

This fruit discovered in England during the Victorian times has its origins still unknown. It is the most famous of a kind with red mottled skin and  a hard yellow flesh which tastes sweet and delicious once the fruit is fully ripe. These oval-shaped plums serve as good table and household fruits. 

Though its pip is clingy and does not come off easily, the skin is comparably easy to remove. The tree despite not being very large is robust and the trees rarely age owing to their high fruit production.

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  • Volkamer Lemon

The Volkamer lemon is a cross between lemons and sour oranges.  It resembles an orange outwardly by being moderately large, seedy, round and orange in color. In taste, though bitter and slightly acidic, it has an enjoyable aroma that increases its liking.

It is also believed to be a kind of Mandarin lemon and the tree bears beautiful white flowers. This fruit is quite similar to rough lemon and is a good lower acidic substitute. This densely branched tree is high yielding and tends to have great adaptiveness and growth.


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  • Van Dyke Mango

Originally planted by Madeline Van Dyke, this fruit has a superior color and quality to other mangoes. Its oval body has a curved base and pointed apex, and the texture is compelled by bright yellow colors and tints of red blush.

The pulp is a delicious orange-yellow with low fiber content and it melts in the mouth with the juiciness of its strong flavors and pleasant fragrance. The tree native to Florida produces surprising variants of mangoes and is now also cultivated throughout Europe. Being medium-sized with a large open canopy they have a moderate yield of mangoes. 


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For official definitions of the fruit you can also look at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


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