10 Different Types of Fruit That Starts With P

Fruit That Starts With P – there are so many different types of fruit that you eat everyday and most of these are easy to name.

The fruits under P have a wide spectrum of tastes and appearances and some fruits are so popular that they have days and months dedicated to them!

We’ve put a great list together for you, along with a description of the fruit and a photo where we can source one.

Have a look at our list of different fruits that start with the letter P!


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The star on this list, pumpkin is synonymous with Halloween and an iconic symbol for fall so much that October 26 is the National Pumpkin day in the USA. There are 45 varieties of pumpkin and rind color can vary from orange, reddish orange, pink, blue, green and white.

The color also changes at different stages, however once plucked, that color is final. The shape may vary from round to long. The skin can be smooth or textured. Its skin is generally thick.  The heavy ones can weigh upto  500 pounds. Pumpkin comes from the berry family, its taste is vibrant and sweet and somewhat similar to a sweet gourd. The numerous crunchy pumpkin seeds are edible and have a unique flavor; however they might not suit everyone.

Pumpkin fruit can be enjoyed in multiple savory dishes. It can be cooked, baked or preserved. You get it in canned form also, the taste of which is not as fresh as the original fruit but acts for a good substitute in the kitchen


fruit that starts with P




Having origins in Central America, papaya is one of the most common fruits available worldwide. It is a tropical fruit and known for its sweetness. It comes in various sizes; say anything from 7-20 inches. Shape is usually round to oblong. Its skin is thick and color can be anything from any shade between amber to orange.

Worldwide there are two types of papayas, one that has reddish-orange pulp and the one with yellow pulp. There are numerous black seeds. Papaya can be enjoyed in raw form, by peeling the skin and scooping the seeds out.

Papaya punch and papaya iced granite are just perfect for summers. It can also be eaten in salad form and papaya bruschetta recipe is popular among the chefs.


fruit that starts with P


Passion fruit


Coming from the family of berries, passion fruit is a tropical fruit and native to Argentina and Brazil. Called passion fruit because of the vine it grows on: the passion vine. However it is known with many other names in different regions of the world.

Round or oval in shape, it comes in two colors; yellow and purple. The edible rind is waxy in texture and pulp is very soft and orange in color. You know it is ripe when the skin becomes wrinkled. It is extremely juicy and its flavor is a blend of pineapple and orange, with a hint of floral essence and has plenty of small edible seeds. Though pulp is juicy, it is sour in taste and mostly sweetened before consuming.

Passion fruit flavor is a popular one and you can find it in endless things: juices, jams, pickles, ice creams, cakes, pies, tarts, syrups etc.


fruit that starts with P




Cherished by all worldwide, peach is one of the most famous fruits in America. It is so popular that the month of August has been declared as the National Peach month in the USA! The skin’s feel is velvety and plain and the pulp is sweet and juicy with an aromatic flavor. It tastes best when it is plucked from the tree and eaten, the same day. There are different varieties of peaches worldwide.

Peaches can be red, pink, yellow, white or combination of those colors. White peaches are sweeter with little acidity whereas the yellow ones are more acidic. Low acidity white peaches are more popular among the Asians whereas the Europeans and Americans prefer the acidic ones.

One can bake pancakes, cakes and tarts with it. Peach fruit is also used in ice-creams, jams, jellies, drinks.


fruit that begins with P

Paw paw fruit


Unique as the name, paw paw is a rare delicious fruit native to the USA and Canada. This fruit does not have an appealing look but its taste is absolutely heavenly, best described as a cross between bananas and mangoes.

The oblong green torso encompasses sweet custard-like pulp and people long for the aftertaste of wheat beer. It is a highly perishable and should be consumed as soon as possible. Paw paw fruit makes for a good ingredient and used in various desserts, ice creams, smoothies etc.

Paw paw bread is a must experiment, if you get hold of this fruit.


fruit that starts with the letter P




Also called Pummelo and jabong by many, Pomelo is found in the tropics. It is big in size and the largest member of the citrus family.

It tastes like grapefruit, bit sweeter though. Its shape is usually round. The skin can be anything from yellow to light green and the pulp can be either pink or yellow. The flesh is juicy and makes for a refreshing drink if consumed in juice form.

One can enjoy it in raw form. Pamelo can also be savored in dessert form and salads too. The rind is preserved or candied for its delish flavors. Dried pomelo is available and used as an ingredient in a few recipes.


fruit that starts with P


Persian lime fruit

Also known as the seedless lime, Persian lime stands out for being the juiciest lime around. It has a fresh citrusy aroma. Persian lime, looks almost like a usual lime except for its thicker skin that gives it a larger look, average size being 2.5 inches.

It is less sour and lacks the usual bitter taste of lime but has a longer storage life that makes it a great replacement of vinegar.

Spectacularly dark-green, the Persian lime starts turning yellow while ripening. This fruit comes from Persia (Iran) and finds its way into the Persian dishes and desserts. In the west, it is used in fish dishes and used to fix some great cocktails.


fruit that starts with P




Coming from the family of berries, persimmon is found in the oriental countries. It has hundreds of varieties, but commercially you get only two varieties: hachiya and fuyu. Hachiya is astringent and fuyu not so much.

Persimmon has a cute look, best described as a cross between tomato and pumpkin with size and texture of a tomato and orange shade of pumpkin. It has a unique sweet flavor. Permisson comes from the berry family with a soft pulp. Its dried leaves are used in tea in China to enhance the flavor.

Jams and jellies are pretty delicious. Its cookies and breads are enjoyable to eat.


fruit that starts with P




A sweet tropical fruit also known as ananas by many, pineapple’s cultivation began in Brazil before spreading to the other tropical areas in the world. Its name comes from ‘pine cone’ because of its resemblance with it.

The skin is tough and spiky and needs a bit of an expertise to slice it. Pineapple corer can be of help there. The best pineapple will be heavy, have a firm shell and will have a sweet flavor when you smell it. Pineapple is juicy and eaten after removing the spiky skin. Images of pineapple are commonly used to represent hospitality.

Pineapple is just delicious as it is as a snack or you can savor it in dessert form such as pineapple cakes and puddings. Pineapple juice is refreshing. It is also used sometimes in fried rice or as toppings on pizzas.


fruits that start with P



As the name indicates this berry was dubbed ‘pineberry’ in the markets for its pineapple like flavor and strawberry like appearance which resulted from cross-breeding.

It is a look alike of a typical strawberry, only pineberry is smaller and white in color with red seeds.

It is delicious and a perfect blend of tanginess and sweetness. It is used in desserts like typical strawberries but is not very renowned in markets because of its high price owing to the plant’s low yield.


fruit that starts with P


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For official definitions of the fruit you can also look at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


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