10 Different Types of Fruit That Starts With T

Fruit That Starts With T – there are so many different types of fruit that you eat everyday and most of these are easy to name.

Let’s draw a list of 10 fruits starting with T. First fruit, ‘ Tomato’. check! Second fruit? Well, I guess 50% of people will not be able to come up with a second name.

But what about the more unusual fruits?  Fruits that you have heard of but not tried?  Or fruits that come from a different part of the world that you haven’t even heard of?  We’ve put a great list together for you, along with a description of the fruit and a photo where we can source one.

Have a look at our list of different fruits that start with the letter T!


fruit that starts with


Fruit That Starts With T


1. Tangerine

If you see a tangerine and an orange from a distance, you won’t be able to point out the difference, both orange in colour and round in shape.

But the similarity ends right there. True, both come from the citrus fruit family, but when it comes to characteristics like flavour, nutrition and (if you take a closer look), their appearance, they are different.

Tangerine oranges we can say are closer to mandarin oranges. Tangerine is easier to peel. They derive their name from the Tangier region of Morocco from where they come from.


fruit that starts with T


2. Tamarind

Tamarind, also known as ‘the Indian date’ is pretty sour with a hint of sweetness. It is brown in colour and looks like a pod.

Tamarind seeds are extremely bitter, so if you want to eat them raw, don’t bite, suck the pulp. It is around 10 cm- 15 cm long. Want to know, how tamarind can be used in multiple ways? Head to India! Right from spicy dishes to sauces and drinks.

Tamarind is used extensively in Indian cooking, hence the name: Indian date. If you like sweet and sour tastes, this fruit is for you, but just eat it in moderation.


fruit that starts with T


3. Thimbleberry

This is a wild berry also known as mountain sorrel.

Thimbleberry like most berries is extremely perishable. Its colour is deep red and can be called a close cousin of raspberry. Its taste is intense, it’s like eating a strong concentrate of raspberry. Extremely tender, they just melt in your mouth. It gets its name from thimble as it resembles it.

They are also known as purple flowering raspberry because of the beautiful plant it grows on. The best taste is when you eat it raw. Just pluck it and pop it in your mouth.


fruit that starts with T


4. Tart cherry

Tart cherries also popularly called sour cherries are juicy and low in sugar. They are not as enjoyable when eaten as it is but tart cherry juice is beyond delicious. Try to get your hands on pure juice. (not the ones available in the supermarket.).

Tart cherry concentrates are available worldwide and are used in various recipes. Bakers absolutely love this fruit and the concentrates. If you know how to make your cocktails, some delicious cocktails can be made with tart cherry.

One of the best parts of this fruit is its colour, which is a colour of merriment and is seen commonly around during festive occasions.


fruit that starts with T


5. Topaz apple

Out of mind-boggling 7500 varieties of apples, one of the popular varieties is the topaz apple.

Topaz apple one can say is a cross-bred apple with glossy skin. The Czech Republic introduced this variety to the world. As you peel it, you will find, that it has thin flesh and on eating it you will get a juicy and a crisp tarty like flavour.

Apple is one fruit which has many varieties. As you go around the world, the apple variety changes. Apple is a heavily cross-bred fruit around the world because of its popularity.


fruit that starts with the letter T


6. Tayberry

A cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, that’s tayberry for you. It’s found in two colours: red and black.

Its ripeness is determined by its colour. The blacker it is, the riper it is. It doesn’t ripen itself, once it is plucked, so to get that perfect taste, one needs to wait till it attains that perfect colour. One of the sweetest berries, it is size is of raspberry and its skin is textured like other berries.

It can be eaten straight from the plant or eaten in form of jams, jellies and pies. Fun fact: It is named Tayberry after the River Tay which is in Scotland as it appeared in Scotland first.


fruit beginning with T


7. Taylor’s gold pear

Coming from New Zealand, as the name says, it is a variety of pear.

One will derive more benefits from it if eaten with the skin. Extremely simple to eat like any other pear, just hold it and bite into it. The colour is a mix of golden and cinnamon. Unlike other fruits, its colour is definitely not a good indicator of its ripeness.

You have to gently press it and assess its mushiness. If it is too mushy, it might not be fit to eat and is considered rotten. It is not too perishable and can be kept outside easily for 2-3 days.


fruit that starts with the letter T


8. Terap

Terap is a fruit grown and found in Borneo, Indonesia. It falls in the tropical fruit category.

Also known as marang, terap resembles a jackfruit but the scent and flavour is much stronger. They lose their flavour very fast, so it is advisable that they be eaten as soon they are cut. They are sweet to taste. Their shape is oblong. Its outer colour is greenish.

When cut, the inner flesh is creamy white, once you eat it, it tastes sweet. It is definitely the heaviest fruit on this list with its approx weight being around 1 kg. They are extremely perishable.


fruit that begins with T


9. Totapuri mango

Mango called ‘the king of the fruit world’ has a very interesting variety called totapuri.

Unlike other mangoes which are extremely sweet, totapuri mango does not taste sweet, one can say its pungent. They stand out for their taste. This variety is grown in south India and Sri Lanka. Their size is around 15 cm-18 cm and their colour is goldish yellow.

It’s oblong in shape with a beak-like end. Because they have a beak-like end, they are called totapuri which literally means parrot faced.


fruit that starts with T


10. Tamarillo

A cousin of the most popular fruit starting with ‘T’ (tomato). Tamarillo hails from the Andean region of South America more specifically Peru and Brazil.

It is also known as a tree tomato. Like tomatoes, they are red in colour but unlike tomatoes their shape is oval When unripe they are yellowish-green, when ripened they turn red. Another way to assess its ripeness is by lightly pressing it.

If it is hard, it has not yet ripened and if it is too mushy it has over-ripened, though still edible. An unripe tamarillo can ripen itself, even when it has been plucked at room temperature. Like it’s cousin, it is juicy and has a sweet and tangy flavour. Seeds are edible, so they can be enjoyed in their raw form also.


fruit that starts with T


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For official definitions of the fruit you can also look at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


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