10 Different Types of Fruit That Starts With Q

Fruit That Starts With Q – there are so many different types of fruit that you eat everyday and most of these are easy to name.

When I initially started my search on the fruits starting with the letter ‘Q’, I expected the list to terminate at 4 or maximum 5 but the fruit world never fails to surprise me!

We’ve put a great list together for you, along with a description of the fruit and a photo where we can source one.

Have a look at our list of different fruits that start with the letter Q!


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A tropical fruit enjoyed in Latin America and Mexico, quince is similar to a pear in some ways. You might enjoy quince more after it is cooked. Quince is not too delightful to eat in its raw form: it is tough and can taste sour. Its aroma is rather spicy.

The very hard, bright golden-yellow fruit can be used to make marmalades, jams or prepare a drink. It can be part of a fruit salad also. However, it transforms into a sweet and delectable product when cooked.


fruit that starts with q



If you are a fan of Master Chef Australia, you may have heard of Quandong. Native to Australia, it is grown in arid or semi arid areas in Australia and also called native peach.  It comes in 2 colors: shiny red and deep purple. It has one large inedible nut which is sometimes only marginally smaller than the fruit. Quandong can be consumed raw or fresh.

Although this magnificent fruit has a flavor and texture of its own, once you’ve eaten all of it, it starts to taste salty and sweet at the same time. This can be used in both sweet and savory dishes thanks to its wide range of flavors and aroma. Quandong sauce is just yummy and goes well with non-veg delicacies. Quandong Pie with cream and ice cream is delightful to eat. Scones with quandong jam and cream are cherished by many.


fruit that begins with Q


Queen Anne Cherries

Yellow to reddish in color, ‘the queen anne cherries’ are a close cousin to the rainier cherries. But both the varieties are pretty distinguishable, when eaten. Queen anne cherry is tartier and less sweeter than its cousin.

The size is same as that of usual cherry that we consume. Fresh ones will have an intact stem. Because of its flavor, it is used in sweet and savory dishes. Chocolates with queen cherry flavor are popular. Used as a baking ingredient, ‘Queen Anne’ cherries are eaten as appetizers and make an appearance in desserts also. They are canned too, so their flavor can be enjoyed all year round.


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Quararibea Cordata

Coming from the tropics, ‘quararibea cordata’ is a type of a South American sapote. Also known as chupa chupa fruit, it is round to ovoid in shape. If you want to consume it raw, you have to suck it. It is incredibly soft and delicious.

The pulp is extremely juicy and fibrous. Its skin color is orangeish-yellowish in and has about 2-3 seeds. It is loved by children. You can make lollipops at home. Quararibea cordata’s juices, smoothies and ice creams are delicious to consume.


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A tropical fruit, quenapa is known by different names. Name changes as the country changes. Spanish lime, being the most popular one. The fruit is round in shape and found in bunches when on trees.

The texture of the fruit is leathery like a lime and it tastes like a lime too. Quenepa is green from outside and the pulp is orange in color. It is frequently used to prepare pies, marinate chicken and cook some delicious chicken recipes. It’s sweet and sour taste is a brilliant addition to alcoholic as well non-alcoholic beverages.


fruit that starts with the letter q


Querina Apples

Developed in France, querina apple is a red-colored fruit. It is firm, juicy with a moderately sweet flavor. It has a sweet cider aroma and is consumed like a normal apple. It is crispy and the peel is chewy.

It is quite similar to Rome and Golden delicious apples. Just like any other apple it can be eaten in different forms. Toss it into a salad or enjoy it with yogurt. Its pies, jams and juices are extremely popular.


fruit that starts with q


Quinault Strawberry

Without a doubt, one of the most popular strawberry varieties, quinault strawberry is a delicious fruit. It is juicy. It is heart-shaped and compared to other strawberries, a bit bigger. You can see they are ripe, when they attain a deep dark red color.

These strawberries are not at all mushy like regular strawberries but texture is sameish. Fresh strawberries are very perishable but you can enjoy its flavor all year round if you preserve it in jam or jelly forms


Queen Forelle Pear

Originated in Germany, the queen forelle’s pear has been around since the 1600’s. It is bell shaped like the other members of its family. It is quite crisp and taste sweet. It ripens at room temperature like other pears, but they don’t change color.

The color is reddish-greenish and they can be identified by red freckles, pigments or small spots on their body. The skin is smooth, you can bite into it without any problem and enjoy it with its moist flesh. They are non-perishable and can be enjoyed days after their purchase.


Queen Tahiti Pineapple

One of the most cultivated fruit in Tahiti, queen tahiti gets its name from that. It is a variety of pineapple. Compared to a regular pineapple, ‘queen tahiti’ pineapples are smaller and more cylinder-shaped.

It has a translucent flesh and is extremely juicy. In ripe form, it has a rather strong pleasant smell and are a delight to eat . You can eat this fruit just as it is, in juice form or even distill it into wine. And if you have never eaten a barbecued pineapple, you ought to try this one.


Queen Apple

In contrast with querina apples, the queen apple has a hint of sourness towards the finish and is only somewhat sweet. It is frequently referred to as the ‘New Zealand Queen’ apple. Its skin resembles that of the Gala and Splendor varieties.

Red in color like a normal apple, its flesh is white. Its flavor is similar to that of a banana or a pear and has a fruity aroma. It can only be eaten as a snack or tossed into fruit salads, but not cooked.


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