10 Different Types of Fruit That Starts With W

Fruit That Starts With W – there are so many different types of fruit that you eat everyday and most of these are easy to name.

If you are asked to name ten fruits which start with the letter ‘W’, you might just not be able to name them. Some alphabets are just difficult. So today we compiled a list of fruits starting with the letter: ‘W’. Which one would you like to eat?

We’ve put a great list together for you, along with a description of the fruit and a photo where we can source one.

Have a look at our list of different fruits that start with the letter W!


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One of the most common and widely available fruit worldwide, the watermelon has mind-boggling 300 varieties just in the USA and Latin America. Different regions of the world have their own variety. The main characteristics however remains unchanged, it is watery, sweet and extremely juicy.

A widely known fact, that watermelons are 92% water, makes it a perfect summer fruit. It quenches thirst and keeps one hydrated. It has a very grassy aroma and can be used in salads, juices or simply enjoyed with just a pinch of salt, pepper or black salt.

You can eat the entire fruit which includes its thick skin (which is usually thrown) and seeds.


fruit that starts with W



Coming from the family of berries, wineberry is usually a shade of red. It’s easy to tell when this berry is ripe i.e. when it turns dark red. Freshly picked from the tree, that’s when they taste the best. Its salad is pretty refreshing too.

Called dewberry by some, this berry is indigenous to the Eastern Asian nations. Its flavor is similar to raspberries but a little tarter and much juicier.

Extremely delectable and extremely perishable, their shelf life is short. It’s jams, pies and pastries make for a tasty treat.


fruit that starts with W


Water Apple

Even though the name is ‘apple’, the flavor is nothing like an apple. It looks like an elongated apple and the similarity ends there.

Taste is more akin to a snow pear. They have a very crunchy texture and a moderate but sweet taste with undertones of rose hence, even known as rose apples. Several dishes, salads and tasty desserts use this fruit as an ingredient.

Its juice is pretty popular. It can be eaten raw or in consumed in preserved forms like jams and jellies.


White Sapote

Sapote, which literally translates into ‘sweet soft fruit’, hails from the family of citrus and tropical fruits.

When ripe, white sapote is a delightful fruit to eat, but when unripe it tastes bitter. Its flavor is sweet and custardy unlike its family. Inside pulp is soft and is sometimes white or yellow in color. The outside skin is either green or golden. It’s also referred by many as the mexican apple.

The fruit is safe to eat either cooked or raw, but one should be careful not to eat the seeds as they are dangerous and toxic..


Wild Orange

Indigenous to Australia, wild orange does not necessarily belong to the family of oranges.

Despite having a similar appearance to the sweet orange, wild orange is much smaller in size. It is significantly different in terms of taste and aroma. When it ripens, it is soft and has a fragrant smell.

Its flavor can be best described similar to that of passion fruit with a kerosene-like after taste.


White Aspen Fruit

White aspen or known by many as pigeon berry is a rainforest tree with edible bush fruits. It has a strong citrus flavor with hints of mango and honey.

It is frequently compared to lemons or oranges. An aromatic winter fruit with a peppery aroma,it is produced in Queensland, Australia. From salads and sauces to jams and spreads, this fruit can be used to make practically anything.

If cooked properly, it even goes fantastically with seafood and chicken.


White Currant

Currant family is known for its taste; sour and sweet. Coming from the family of currants: white currant is no different.

It is a cousin of black and red currant; actually it is a sub-variant of red currant. If you compare the taste of all three, white variant is a bit sweeter in comparison to the other two. Extremely refreshing, they are small and spherical in shape. They are white or pink in color and have a floral scent like grapes. Its seeds are tiny and edible.

The fruit when fully ripe has a tinge of rose in it. Due to their high sugar content, this fruit is thought to be great for desserts and sweets. It can be stored in a fridge for 2-3 days comfortably.


fruit that starts with W


Williams Pear

One of the most popular pear varieties produced outside of Asia. It turns from green to golden as it ripens, and is pretty aromatic and moist on the outside.

It is extremely delicious when it is ready to eat. They are nothing less than a lovely, luscious fruit with a buttery texture when it completely mature. It can be eaten as a fruit by itself or added to a variety of sweet and savory meals.

This lovely and versatile fruit can be prepared in a variety of ways, including poached, boiled, grilled, fried or even baked.


fruit that begins with the letter W


White Mulberry

From the mulberry family and also known as morus alba, white mulberry is found in some parts of China.

The fruit includes a substance called latex, which makes it dangerous if not consumed when fully ripe. But once the fruit is ready to be plucked during the springs, it is said to be the most enjoyable and pleasant fruit with a mild-honey like flavor.

Unlike other fruits, it is widely used in the preparation of wine, along with jams and spreads. Try eating them when they are a little overripe; they taste even more delicious.


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Walnut Fruit

We generally categorize walnut as a nut and a dry fruit when combined with other nuts like almond, pistachios etc. So, a fruit or a nut you ask? The answer is fruit! This expensive fruit can be found practically anywhere in the world, mainly because of the trade and the commercial profits.

Normal walnut has an inedible hard brown shell, as you crack it, you will see brown kernel which is edible. The taste is bitter and not liked by many. Besides the brown walnut, few are aware that the plant also produces a fruit that is green in hue.

Green walnut’s appearance is pretty different and can be easily mistaken for some other fruit. Although the fruit may not be edible on its own, it is used to make pickles. People frequently mistake this green fruit for the green apple, but they are nowhere close to each other.


fruit that starts with w


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