10 Models or Brands of Car that starts with G

Find a Car That Starts With G – there are so many different types of cars, from speedy supercars to a trusty pick-up.  If you need to know different brands and models of cars for a crossword, quiz or work project, then you have come to the right place!

We’ve put a great list together for you, along with a bit of information about the car and a photo where we can source one.

Have a look at our list of different cars that start with the letter G!



The Galaxie is a family-sized car that was manufactured in the US by Ford through the years 1959 1974. The Ford Galazie  has the FR layout. The seven-seater was assembled in Atlanta, GA, United States from June 1995 to April 2023.

car that starts with G



The Gemini small-block engine is a V8 engine. While technically a small-block engine due to its spacing of 11.176cm, General Motors designers don’t think of it to be a part of the conventional Chevrolet small block ancestry, but rather a complicated product.



Golf (VW)-

The Golf is the second best-selling car representation of all time. With more than thirty billion units produced from the years 1974 to 2013. The automobile has even sold more than the well-liked VW Beetle by over more than 9,000,000 units.



Granada Coupe (Ford)-

The Granada has a whopping horsepower of 120 bhp. The top speed of the automobile lays at 109 mph, while the weight is 1280 kg. The gear box is a four-speed manual and the 1-60 is an impressing 10.5 seconds. Fuel consumption sits at 19.4 mpg.



GTX (Plymouth)-

The Plymouth GTX is an automobile established as the Belvedere GTX in the year1967 by the Plymouth distribution. It was disposed as a transitional upscale-trimmed entertainment muscle car through the 1971 model year.



GT6 (Triumph)-

The Triumph GT6 Project Car known by many to be  “The Poor Man’s E-Type”, the Triumph GT6 is electrified by a straight-six mechanism , the automobile has distinguished styling, and it was a commander in its classification – similar to  the E-Type.



Geo (Chevrolet)-

The cars original catchphrase was “Get to know Geo” and its commercials mostly featured the song ” Getting to Know You “. Organised by GM to participate with the growing petite import marketplace of the mid 1980s, the Geo plaque perused through the 1997 model year.




The GMC is the second-largest trademark of pickup trucks in the United States of America  after Chevrolet by sales worth and third-largest universally. GMC also appreciates a spot underneath the most well known American auto trademarks.



GTO (Pontiac)-

The GTO was the only automobile during the late ’60s and early ’70s to have a bumper outline with a new substance known as Endura Plastic. It was a mixture of closed-cell urethane froth bonded to the metal. This rubber covering made the car resist collision without harm, as seen in the commercials


Grand Cherokee (Jeep)-

The  Grand Cherokee was published in 2019. The car has a wheelbase of 114.7 inches, an general distance of 189.8 inches and a broadness including mirrors of 84.8 inches. The 2019 Jeep comes quality with a 3.6-liter V6 engine that has 290 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.

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