100+ Things that Starts with A (And Descriptions Too!)

Things that Starts with A – as you can probably tell, this website is all about things that start with all the letters of the alphabet.

In this post we have put together a list of things that start with A.  It’s a great list and we are trying to add to it all the time.

We shall also link to other posts for example if you are looking for cities, countries, food, fruit, flowers or even positive words beginning with A, we have some suggestions and a link for an even more extensive list of A things!


things that start with

Things that Starts with A



  • Apricots originate from Armenia but were brought to other countries by the Spanish missionaries in the early 18th century. A new apricot tree needs three to four years to produce fruit. Apricot trees will generally produce fruit for 20-25 years.


Fruit that starts with A


Amazon Grapefruit

  • Grapefruits did not evolve naturally, instead, they are a hybrid originating in Barbados as a cross between two species, sweet orange and pomelo.The grapefruit’s name is a result of what they look like when they are growing in clusters. They can look like bigger versions of grapes.


Fruit that begins with A
Amazon Grapefruit


Ambarella Fruit

  • Ambarella is a fast growing tree, it grows edible fruit that contains a fibrous pit. in under 5 weeks, the fruit fall to the floor un-ripe, then they turn golden-yellow as they ripen. The fruit is best when fully colored, although it can be eaten raw. It is also made into flavorings for stews, soups and sauces.


Fruit starting with A


Atherton Raspberry

  • Atherton Raspberry is a fruit native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Unlike the exotic raspberry, this fruit can thrive in our climates, this raspberry is a sweet red-orange coloured berry that grows on an upright stem. It is very resilient and can produce up to 3kg of fruit per plant.




  • Avocados contain more fat than any other fruit or vegetable. Also, the trees contain enzymes that prevent the fruit from ever ripening on the tree, this is useful for farmers because it means they can use the trees to store the fruit for up to seven months. They come from a family of flowering plants known as Lauraceae.


Fruit that starts with A



  • Momordica fruit commonly known as Arhat is one of the few fruits that cannot be eaten until it is dried by fire. It is native to southern China and Thailand. It is a yellowish brown colour and has a smooth and round shape. It contains a sweet, fleshy edible pulp.


A Fruits


Also see our post on Fruit that begins with A for more ideas.



State: Texas.  Population: 961,855


city that starts with A



California Population: 346,824


cities that starts with A



Georgia Population: 498,715

cities that starts with A


Or have a look at our dedicated list of cities that start with A.



Continent: Albania is in Europe.

Capital city: Tirana is the capital of Albania.

Population: The population of Albania is roughly 3 million.


countries that starts with A



Continent: Algeria is in Africa.

Capital city: Algiers is the capital of Algeria.

Population: The population of Algeria is roughly 43 million.


countries that start with A



Continent: Andorra is in Europe.

Capital city: Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra.

Population: The population of Andorra is roughly 77,000.


countries that begin with a


Or have a look at our dedicated list of countries that start with A.



Meaning: When you hold something in high regard.

Example: ‘I love to admire the beautiful scenery from the window.’


Positive a Words



Meaning: Something that is wonderful or brilliant.

Example: ‘That is an amazing Christmas cake.’


a Words that are Positive



Meaning: Something/someone that is sweet, kind or usually beautiful.

Example: ‘The singer’s angelic voice filled the room with powerful lyrics.’





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