Worldwide List of Cities That Starts With S

Cities That Starts With S- I know there will be all sorts of reasons why you ended up here.  Maybe you are looking for the answer to a quiz question, or maybe you are the one setting the quiz questions!  Maybe you are putting together some home-schooling resources, or are a teacher setting a test for class.  However you found yourself here and for whatever reason, here you will find a list of cities beginning with the letter S.  We have broken the list down further into cities that start with the letter S in different countries.  We’ve also added a little bit of information about each city too.

Cities in the US that starts with S


Sacramento  California 524,943
Saint Paul  Minnesota 311,527
Salem  Oregon 175,535
Salinas  California 163,542
Salt Lake City  Utah 199,723
San Antonio  Texas 1,434,625
San Bernardino  California 222,101
San Diego  California 1,386,932
San Francisco[h]  California 873,965
San Jose  California 1,013,240
San Mateo  California 105,661
Sandy Springs  Georgia 108,080
Santa Ana  California 310,227
Santa Clara  California 127,647
Santa Clarita  California 228,673
Santa Maria  California 109,707
Santa Rosa  California 178,127
Savannah  Georgia 147,780
Scottsdale  Arizona 241,361
Seattle  Washington 737,015
Shreveport  Louisiana 187,593
Simi Valley  California 126,356
Sioux Falls  South Dakota 192,517
South Bend  Indiana 103,453
South Fulton  Georgia 107,436
Sparks  Nevada 108,445
Spokane  Washington 228,989
Spokane Valley  Washington 102,976
Springfield  Missouri 169,176
Springfield  Massachusetts 155,929
Springfield  Illinois 114,394

St. Louis[m]  Missouri 301,578
St. Petersburg  Florida 258,308
Stamford  Connecticut 135,470
Sterling Heights  Michigan 134,346
Stockton  California 320,804
Sugar Land  Texas 111,026
Sunnyvale  California 155,805
Surprise  Arizona 143,148
Syracuse  New York 148,620



Cities in the UK that starts with S


St Albans East, England 140,644 (2011)

St Asaph Wales 3,355 (2011)

St Davids Wales 1,841 (2011)

Salford1North West, England 233,933 (2011)

Salisbury South West, England 40,302 (2011)

Sheffield Yorkshire and the Humber, England 552,698 (2011)

Southampton South East, England 236,882 (2011)[19]

Stirling Scotland 3,479,038

Stoke-on-Trent West Midlands, England 249,008 (2011)

Sunderland North East, England 275,506 (2011)

Swansea Wales 239,023 (2011)


Cities in Canada that starts with S


Saguenay Canadian Province: Quebec
Saint Albert Canadian Province: Alberta
Saint Anthony Canadian Province: Newfoundland and Labrador
Saint Boniface Canadian Province: Manitoba
Saint Catharines Canadian Province: Ontario
Saint John Canadian Province: New Brunswick
Saint Thomas Canadian Province: Ontario
Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Canadian Province: Quebec
Sainte-Foy Canadian Province: Quebec
Sainte-Thérèse Canadian Province: Quebec
Saint-Eustache Canadian Province: Quebec
Saint-Hubert Canadian Province: Quebec
Sarnia-Clearwater Canadian Province: Ontario
Saskatoon Canadian Province: Saskatchewan
Sault Sainte Marie Canadian Province: Ontario
Scarborough Canadian Province: Ontario
Sept-Îles Canadian Province: Quebec
Sherbrooke Canadian Province: Quebec
Simcoe Canadian Province: Ontario
Sorel-Tracy Canadian Province: Quebec
Souris Canadian Province: Prince Edward Island
Springhill Canadian Province: Nova Scotia
St. John’s Canadian Province: Newfoundland and Labrador
Stratford Canadian Province: Ontario
Sudbury Canadian Province: Ontario
Summerside Canadian Province: Prince Edward Island
Swan River Canadian Province: Manitoba
Sydney Canadian Province: Nova Scotia


Cities in Australia that starts with S


Sale State or Territory: Victoria
Scone State or Territory: New South Wales
Sea Lake State or Territory: Victoria
Seymour State or Territory: Victoria
Shepparton State or Territory: Victoria
Singleton State or Territory: New South Wales
Smithton State or Territory: Tasmania
Stanley State or Territory: Tasmania
Stanthorpe State or Territory: Queensland
Sunbury State or Territory: Victoria
Swan Hill State or Territory: Victoria
Sydney State or Territory: New South Wales


Cities in China that starts with S


Sanhe Province: Hebei
Sanmenxia Province: Henan
Sanming Province: Fujian
Sansha Province: Hainan
Sanya Province: Hainan
Shahe Province: Hebei
Shanghai Province: municipal
Shangluo Province: Shaanxi
Shangqiu Province: Henan
Shangrao Province: Jiangxi
Shangri-La Province: Yunnan
Shangzhi Province: Heilongjiang
Shannan Province: Tibet
Shantou Province: Guangdong
Shanwei Province: Guangdong
Shaodong Province: Hunan
Shaoguan Province: Guangdong
Shaoshan Province: Hunan
Shaowu Province: Fujian
Shaoxing Province: Zhejiang
Shaoyang Province: Hunan
Shehong Province: Sichuan
Shengzhou Province: Zhejiang
Shenmu Province: Shaanxi
Shenyang Province: Liaoning
Shenzhen Province: Guangdong
Shenzhou Province: Hebei
Shifang Province: Sichuan
Shihezi Province: Xinjiang (XPCC)
Shijiazhuang Province: Hebei
Shishi Province: Fujian
Shishou Province: Hubei
Shiyan Province: Hubei
Shizuishan Province: Ningxia
Shouguang Province: Shandong
Shuanghe Province: Xinjiang (XPCC)
Shuangliao Province: Jilin
Shuangyashan Province: Heilongjiang
Shuifu Province: Yunnan
Shulan Province: Jilin
Shuozhou Province: Shanxi
Sihui Province: Guangdong
Siping Province: Jilin
Songyuan Province: Jilin
Songzi Province: Hubei
Suifenhe Province: Heilongjiang
Suihua Province: Heilongjiang
Suining Province: Sichuan
Suizhou Province: Hubei
Suqian Province: Jiangsu
Suzhou Province: Anhui
Suzhou Province: Jiangsu


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