Top Holiday Destinations That Start With T

Going on holidays abroad is still very much popular among the British population. According to the latest findings of the Office for National Statistics, British residents made 19.1 million visits abroad in 2021. Of course, some of these journeys could be business trips or family visits. However, many people also like to travel abroad to relax and explore. Whether you like to blend in with a bustling city or enjoy swimming in the sea, there are many places that can fulfil your needs and desires. If you’re looking for inspiration for where you should spend your holiday next, our list might help. Here are the top holiday destinations that start with T.


Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. And it’s no wonder why. The country is well-known for its hospitality, and when you come for a visit, you can take the opportunity to relax on one of the peaceful beaches. Thailand also has a rich history. In fact, it’s the only country in Southeast Asia that’s never been colonised by a European power. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the country’s history and cultural heritage, consider visiting one of the colourful temples. And, of course, you should try the local cuisine and see what Thai food tastes like directly from the experts.


Tenerife is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to stay active and connect with nature. If you want to enjoy stargazing, the low light pollution and pleasant climate create ideal conditions for watching the stunning scenery at night. The island also offers plenty of opportunities to those who are looking to stay active during the holiday. However, you should remember to check the Tenerife weather forecast on the World Weather Online website, so you can stay safe during your activities. Once you know that the conditions will be good, you can go on a hike to explore the local nature or take advantage of the waves and work on your surfing skills.


Impressive beaches, rich history and vibrant cuisine, are only some of the reasons why you should visit Tunisia. When you travel to the country, you can enjoy your days by wandering through some of their most beautiful towns. At the same time, you can enjoy the Mediterranean beaches in the northern part of the country and get the tan that you’ve been yearning for. Those who want to treat themselves to a luxurious stay might also want to consider staying at one of the resorts in Djerba, one of the popular Tunisian islands. And if you’d like to explore the country further from the sea, you might like to visit a desert safari where you can see some of your favourite animals.


When you think about Turkey, some of the first things that might come to your mind are tea and Turkish delights. And while the country has exquisite cuisine, there are many more things and places that make the destination so special. Turkey is well-known for the shopping opportunities it offers to its visitors. With friendly prices throughout the country, you can easily plan the holiday of your dreams. Spend some time by the sea and admire the intriguing architecture in Istanbul. And if you want to make your stay even more special and see the country from a bird’s eye perspective, you can book a scenic hot air balloon flight.

Turks And Caicos

If you’re looking for tranquil beaches and clear turquoise water in the ocean, there’s no place like Turks and Caicos to satisfy your wanderlust. The Caribbean destination is ideal for travellers who want to experience a tropical climate and enjoy warm temperatures. Besides swimming in the crystal clear waters and enjoying cocktails on the beach, you can also take the opportunity to explore marine life up close. With the clear water, you are bound to have excellent diving or snorkelling. And to see more of what the islands have to offer, you can book a boat excursion. Both the UK and the United States have an excellent connection to Turks and Caicos, so it would be a pity if you didn’t give the destination a chance.


All the destinations on the list so far have offered a warm climate and access to the ocean. However, not all those who are looking for a holiday destination might be interested in that. If you prefer a city with a colder climate over tropical temperatures and blue waters, you might be interested in visiting Toronto. It’s Canada’s largest city, and if you’re looking for a destination with a busy life, then it might be the best place for you. In Toronto, you can find some of the best malls in the country and enjoy the variety of nightclubs that are located there. But you can also spend your day perusing through the city’s numerous museums and galleries. So, no matter what your preferences are, you’ll be able to make your time in Toronto exciting.

Conclusion: Take Your Time To Plan The Perfect Trip

If someone asked you to name holiday destinations that start with T before reading this article, you might have a hard time coming up with the names. However, you can see that there are many countries, cities and islands that fit the bill. And if the list inspired you to organise your holiday, remember that you shouldn’t rush into decisions. Take your time. Put together a list of things that you’d like to experience or are interested in. Then, it will be easier for you to choose the right destination for your trip. To make sure that your travels go well, you should determine your budget first to see what you can afford. Ensure that all your documents are valid and if you need to apply for a visa, learn the conditions for a successful application beforehand. Book your accommodation and activities in advance. And if you would like more freedom, consider hiring a car that can help you to explore the location more thoroughly. Remember to stay safe. Only then you’ll be able to enjoy the trip to the maximum.

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