Worldwide List of Cities That Starts With I

Cities That Starts With I – I know there will be all sorts of reasons why you ended up here.  Maybe you are looking for the answer to a quiz question, or maybe you are the one setting the quiz questions!  Maybe you are putting together some home-schooling resources, or are a teacher setting a test for class.  However you found yourself here and for whatever reason, here you will find a list of cities beginning with the letter I.  We have broken the list down further into cities that start with the letter I in different countries.  We’ve also added a little bit of information about each city too.

Cities in the US that starts with I


Independence  Missouri 123,011
Indianapolis[g]  Indiana 887,642
Inglewood  California 107,762
Irvine  California 307,670
Irving  Texas 256,684


Cities in the UK that starts with I


Inverness Scotland 79,415


Cities in Canada that starts with I


Inuvik Canadian Province: Northwest Territories
Iqaluit Canadian Province: Nunavut
Iroquois Falls Canadian Province: Ontario


Cities in Australia that starts with I


Ingham State or Territory: Queensland
Innisfail State or Territory: Queensland
Inverell State or Territory: New South Wales
Iron Knob State or Territory: South Australia


Cities in China that starts with I



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